[OZAPRS] Need a hand

Glen English VK1XX glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au
Mon Dec 4 08:23:20 AEDT 2017

In looking for a place to attach a ground strap, consider that ideally, 
you want the largest continous area of metal. That is probably the 
engine bay firewall (which would attach to the upper body, roof etc) ,  
fender mounts,  or in the rear, hinge mounts of the rear hatch, etc.

Anyone else have any input here  on where to connect on a modern vehicle 
to maximise surface area ?

comeon. ???

I am a bit out of tough on modern vehicles. (I have a 2005 XC90 which if 
you pass a RG58 through a door seal will squash it flat and cause a 
short... hence requiring coax entry through a bung in the spare tyre 
well under the vehicle)

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