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Glen's recent postings about VK1RGI got me thinking about VK2RAO. Not 
the current repeater(s) but the original one from the mid 60s.

Does anyone else remember using FRED, as it was known?

FRED was installed by the late Don Kirby (VK2ALX, IIRC) who worked for 
the local county council, and it was installed on Mt Canobolas. The 
repeater used quite close frequency spacing 145.854/146.146 (146khz each 
side of the, then, 2m FM simplex frequency of 146.000MHz). It was an 
installation to which the licencing authority (PMG back then) turn a 
blind eye in those days before repeaters were authorised. I used to 
regularly work FRED from Black Charley's Hill near the eastern end of 
Sydney's Bankstown Airport. This was in 1969/70.

If Robert Alford, VK2ZRJ, is on this list I'm sure he could add many 
anecdotes about FRED.

Ray vk2tv

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