[OZAPRS] New user

Liz liz at billiau.info
Tue Aug 15 07:43:35 AEST 2017

QTR Tue, 15 Aug 2017 06:34:45 +1000 Mario Asunan QTC

> Hi Liz,
> Thank you for your email. i have also recieved assistance from other
> APRS users. I am blown away how patience and helpful the members here.
> I have done more reading now and I keyed in 145.175 in my rig and
> trigger the PTT but it seems no one can hear me. I can see in my
> computer every time someone trigger their PTT but I can't here them.
> I do not use PL tone and CCTS just purely 145.175 ( digital ). Please
> help everyone. Thanks
> 73...

Let's start at the beginning. 
You have a Yaesu FT-400 XDR. and I'm not familiar with this, so I'll
find an on line manual.
I see this is a mobile rig, and has a GPS built in.
We aren't pushing our PTT to send out on 145.175, we are doing this in
an automated way when mobile (Keep your hands on the wheel). 
Checks you need to do are
Your callsign is entered
The GPS has a signal.
You can transmit (antenna etc all in order)

I found an APRS guide for your radio 

If you start working through that guide it seems to be well set out.
When you get to a point where you are stuck, just call back here.


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