[OZAPRS] New user

Liz liz at billiau.info
Mon Aug 14 19:03:44 AEST 2017

QTR Mon, 14 Aug 2017 08:38:24 +1000 Mario Asunan QTC

> Hello,
> I am a new user of APRS and to be perfectly honest I have no idea
> what I'm doing.
> I am trying to workout how APRS works as my rig ( Yaesu FT-400 XDR )
> does now talk to my computer.
> I have no idea what TNC is for and how does it work. Pls pardone my
> ignorance here and if you could pls guide me. Thanks
> 73...

Welcome Mario. We all started there once.
Please start a new thread for a new topic. I renamed the thread.

1. you have a radio
2. you have a computer or embedded computer providing data, possibly
reading from a GPS or a weather station
3. the TNC joins them up.

It stands for terminal node controller, but imagine a modem joining the
Some radios contain the TNC in their box, as well as the embedded

Sometimes I have thought about another APRS article for AR mag. I
published one shortly after I started with APRS. If someone thinks it
worthwhile and nominates some field to be covered I can write another.


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