[OZAPRS] Mine's bigger than yours (?)

Liz liz at billiau.info
Thu Aug 3 19:22:10 AEST 2017

QTR Thu, 3 Aug 2017 08:52:36 +1000 vk2tv QTC

> A useful test is to run a path profile program such as SPLAT! in Line
> Of Site (LOS) mode to reveal just what gets in the way for various
> antenna heights.
> Here's a useful radar horizon calculator ... 
> http://members.home.nl/7seas/radcalc.htm

I have a harmonic who is a surveyor 
I just ask him to do those calculations for me. So I know that the
nearest weather radar sees 60m above us, helps me to work out risk of
getting rained on cycling in and out of work


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