[OZAPRS] Mine's bigger than yours (?)

Liz liz at billiau.info
Wed Aug 2 19:33:58 AEST 2017

QTR Wed, 2 Aug 2017 12:50:15 +1000 Ian Mills QTC

> > On 2 Aug 2017 08:59:41, Ian Mills Ray vk2tv wrote:  
> > True, but the aircraft FL has the most impact. For an antenna here
> > (site location 8m ASL), mounted 1m AGL, the radio distance to a
> > plane at FL 390 (12000m) is 455km. I only gain another 19km (to
> > 474km) by raising the antenna to 30m AGL. Those figures are for my
> > best direction, a virtually uninterrupted path to the Pacific
> > Ocean. If I pick the reverse direction I'd be lucky to get 150km
> > due to the Great Dividing Range rising 4000-5000ft just west of me.
> > My antenna is currently inside, against a south facing window, and
> > I see some aircraft, at around FL 350, out to around 250-350km to
> > the east. Other directions only serve to prove how much attenuation
> > bricks and mortar, and a great lump of hill have at 1090MHz!
> > Ray vk2tv  
> I feed FR24 from just south of Wollongong NSW - my antenna is on the
> roof on a mast with direct line of sight to the horizon. Coupled with
> an in-line 1090Mhz amplifier 1m from the antenna, I regularly get up
> to 350km with a handful beyond 370km - you're doing extremely well
> with an indoor antenna if you're getting 250-350km. I use
> planeplotter on a windows system to monitor my reception - here's a
> link to a screenshot that's updated every minute of my reception
> http://www.theshackbythebeach.com/planeplotter.jpg
> In addition, I run the local Illawarra iGate and send Marine AIS data
> to aprs.fi
> Cheers Ian vk2him
We get attenuation from wine tanks to the north, about 10m away.
Currently the antenna is about 5m above the roof which is 4m above the
ground. The ground is flat for an extended distance. In those
directions with no interference / attenuation I can receive from almost
350km away, with the plane at 11000+ metres.
The plan is to raise the antenna further, but the coax won't stretch
any further.


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