[OZAPRS] ISS Packet system down....

vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Aug 1 15:26:48 AEST 2017

On 01/08/17 13:39, Liz wrote:
> QTR Tue, 1 Aug 2017 12:50:29 +1000 vk2tv QTC
>> I agree, but why the occasional reboot?
>> My RPi with RTL dongle for ADS-B currently has an uptime of 125 days,
>> and has been sending data to PlaneFinder for 70 days. Give the RPi a
>> decent power supply and it will run for forever!
>> My previous (and soon to be again) APRS satgate used a Pi driving a
>> four-port FTDI USB/RS232 adaptor to drive an old TNC (Tiny 2) and the
>> old Icom IC-2 handheld for 145.825. That arrangement ran for months
>> without a reboot, and gave the old Icom a new purpose in life.
>> Ray vk2tv
> I don't know why. The USB hub and the computer are separately powered
> off a reliable system, but sometimes the USB bus stops talking to the
> receiver, and the software (dump1090, probably Ted Luis' ) sometimes
> doesn't work. Remote maintenance usually means reboot. If I'm at home I
> can fiddle with other methods including pulling the USB connectors
> apart and resetting that way.
> I contribute to planefinder, and they send an email if quiet for 6
> hours which reminds me if I've missed the failure.
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> Liz
My hub is being used for the Pi but only as a convenient, temporary 
source of 5V. The Pi manages to handle the DTV stick without a hub. The 
final installation will see the Pi and DTV stick in a wxproof housing at 
the base of the antenna. I'll run ethernet and 12V to it, using a 
modified car 12V/5V adapter. I modified a unit by stripping out the 
electronics and installing a 1.5A Murata 3 terminal SMPS in its place. 
It's proven to be radio quiet ... so far! The software I'm using is 
dump1090-mutability. The only real USB issue I've had with the Pi was 
way back, with a wifi dongle losing connectivity to USB. I applied all 
the "fixes" at the time and it still happened so I installed a 
wifi-ethernet bridge at the Pi's remote location and fed ethernet to the 
Pi. Problem solved. The RPi must be responsible for more problems, fixes 
and questions in the history of amateur radio.

You've answered an unasked question re PlaneFinder. I did wonder how 
they would react when I have the system down for relocation.

Ray vk2tv

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