[OZAPRS] ISS Packet system down....

Liz liz at billiau.info
Tue Aug 1 13:39:59 AEST 2017

QTR Tue, 1 Aug 2017 12:50:29 +1000 vk2tv QTC

> I agree, but why the occasional reboot?
> My RPi with RTL dongle for ADS-B currently has an uptime of 125 days, 
> and has been sending data to PlaneFinder for 70 days. Give the RPi a 
> decent power supply and it will run for forever!
> My previous (and soon to be again) APRS satgate used a Pi driving a 
> four-port FTDI USB/RS232 adaptor to drive an old TNC (Tiny 2) and the 
> old Icom IC-2 handheld for 145.825. That arrangement ran for months 
> without a reboot, and gave the old Icom a new purpose in life.
> Ray vk2tv

I don't know why. The USB hub and the computer are separately powered
off a reliable system, but sometimes the USB bus stops talking to the
receiver, and the software (dump1090, probably Ted Luis' ) sometimes
doesn't work. Remote maintenance usually means reboot. If I'm at home I
can fiddle with other methods including pulling the USB connectors
apart and resetting that way.
I contribute to planefinder, and they send an email if quiet for 6
hours which reminds me if I've missed the failure.


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