[OZAPRS] using Tinytrack4 with uiview32

Peter Tyers p.tyers at bigpond.com
Sun Apr 16 16:24:51 AEST 2017

I am  obviously missing something obvious.

Have TT4 set AMODE KISS, ABAUD 19200, UiView32 set to use COM3, 19200,

UIview just sits waiting, no messages displayed on status bar/terminal
window and no locations updated. UiView appears to be waiting for some
response from TT4 which it is not getting.
TT4 is definitely sending what appears to be KISS data but nothing is
If I monitor the TT4 in text mode with Terraterm using COM3 there are
definitely APRS messages being received.

Is there a special setup set of parameters in UiView32 needed for TT4 with
UiView32? The default KISS setup does not appear to work.


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