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One word sums it up ---- EGO

It's a bit of a joke when one net station, back when I was running a 30m 
Igate, was off frequency!

The best way to put one's rig on frequency is by using the waterfall 
display in a digital software program (I can't remember the program I 
used back then), and tune to the average frequency of the majority of 
stations. The waterfall display will quickly reveal that it's difficult 
to find two stations on the same frequency, hence the need to compromise.

Ray vk2tv

On 15/04/17 23:32, Rod Miller wrote:
> Hi
> I have read http://www.aprs.net.au/hf/hf-net-stations/
> Being no expert on APRS I was wondering why net stations need to 
> beacon so often?
> It can't just be for alignment purposes? I would have thought there 
> are much better ways to
> do alignment without this QRM.
> Rod
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