[OZAPRS] T2 Server "heartbeat"

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For that situation you'd be best to use the udp port on 8080 as then you
won't have the overheads of constant connection, however the trade off is
that you won't show up on the server list of connected stations, but
there's other ways to confirm your data makes it through...

On Tue, 29 Mar 2016, 14:51 <liz at billiau.info> wrote:

> QTR Tue, 29 Mar 2016 13:54:37 +1100 Damien Gardner QTC
> > It's just to make sure that you are still connected - and to get
> > around state timeouts on dodgy routers (netgear DG834's for example
> > have a 60 second timeout on NAT sessions - so if no data flows across
> > a connection for 60 seconds, it drops it from the firewall state
> > table, and disconnects you)  - also stops the TCP connection list on
> > the APRSD from filling up with lost connections as well.
> >
> > Not sure if you can filter it from the terminal window, as I think
> > that just dumps all data received across any open connections (RF or
> > TCP)
> When I get out to put my more remote gear onsite, I won't be wanting a
> constant connection at all. I'll be after something that only sets a
> connection when required and drops it when not required.
> I'll be looking at setting up things to drop the connection if
> no activity for 30 mins. I imagine that the first received packet will
> not go to APRS-IS, only to air.
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