[OZAPRS] T2 Server "heartbeat"

liz at billiau.info liz at billiau.info
Tue Mar 29 14:10:33 AEDT 2016

QTR Tue, 29 Mar 2016 13:54:37 +1100 Damien Gardner QTC

> It's just to make sure that you are still connected - and to get
> around state timeouts on dodgy routers (netgear DG834's for example
> have a 60 second timeout on NAT sessions - so if no data flows across
> a connection for 60 seconds, it drops it from the firewall state
> table, and disconnects you)  - also stops the TCP connection list on
> the APRSD from filling up with lost connections as well.
> Not sure if you can filter it from the terminal window, as I think
> that just dumps all data received across any open connections (RF or
> TCP)

When I get out to put my more remote gear onsite, I won't be wanting a
constant connection at all. I'll be after something that only sets a
connection when required and drops it when not required. 
I'll be looking at setting up things to drop the connection if
no activity for 30 mins. I imagine that the first received packet will
not go to APRS-IS, only to air.


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