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Ross Delaforce ross at livewire.com.au
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Hi Liz

I run the Microsat unit on VK2RMY-1 and bought a Netcomm 3G modem on eBay for about $55 + P/P.
It sat there as a Digi/Igate in that configuration, on a 1G/mth 3G usage plan for well over two years.
I could use the web interface of the Microsat unit and reconfigure it from anywhere.

Data use was light that I ended up putting in a APC remote AC reset unit.  I could log in the unit and reset the radio, modem, 3G unit plus the 2M and 70cm repeaters that were below it.

Modem also allowed me to monitor site access (door/camera trigger).
Ended up pulling it out - simply came down to the gear working fine, radio repeaters were upgraded and now can be controlled "over the air" and that there were 2-3 iGates 1-2 hops away that could do the work.
Saved me $$ to put towards other radio shack purchases!
Only thing I hate is doing a configuration mistake "on the hop" and finding out about it after traveling home 50kms away (lesson learnt there).



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QTR Sat, 27 Feb 2016 06:49:12 +0000 Justin Albury QTC 
> I have used almost all the config's and they all have pros n cons. 
> I look after a few remote locations that I have had to make a 4 hour 
> return trip home for a simple reboot..... so it all depends on your 
> application and if you have access at your finger tips. 
> Putting that aside .... we have changed all out digi's and igates to 
> these little devices with good results 
> http://microsat.com.pl/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=100&language=en 
> Im not saying they are the "Best Outcome" around but they work VERY 
> well. 
> Justin Albury 
You have made a good sales attempt. It could replace the eeepc here, 
but for the proposed location, I would still have to put a microcomputer 
on it to deal with the 3G connectivity required. That son's domicile is 
250km from the nearest digi, so I don't expect to be able to put stuff 
through the network other than APRS-IS. He doesn't have an ADSL 
service, but the AC is the right price (whatever voltage it is at the 
end of the transmission system). 
So far the decision is going 
FM828 + hardware TNC + microcomputer + Huawei E220 
which would only require the purchase of 2 crystals, and a hardware 
TNC, maybe another antenna, everything else is available in various 
"treasure chests". 
Does anyone apply for additional callsigns for their remote digis? 
Happy for replies off-list if desired. 
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