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Would Recommend SCS  modems. For maritime gives more options winlink/rms via Robust packet or pactor... There are many winlink hf and vhf stations around supporting email.

If they are just looking at a tracker can't go past scs tracker, will do RPR and FSK at the same time, get best if both networks, and have global coverage.

For FSK, has ability to track within 400hz off frequency, and remember where up to i think 10 stations are within that range to ensure that it always pings right on frequency.

I found it can get an igate 90% it greater on 30m mobile. I actually had a few people call me up and ask me what I was running and why it was working so well.

Would have liked to have bragged about my skills, but put it all down to latest technology and great German engineering.

There is a.price point for the scs range, but you get what you pay for. It's simple and it works..very good



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Was approached by a guy sailing

Wants to run HF APRS

Where are the fixed HF I gates ?


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