[OZAPRS] My Callsign never shows up on aprs.fi

vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Jan 6 07:21:32 AEDT 2016


Listing some logical questions/statements ....
Is your signal making it to the Igate?
Is your signal being squashed by other signals arriving at the local digi?
Keep in mind that handheld radios hear much better than they talk.
You haven't said if you're using the attached antenna, or an external 
An attached antenna used indoors would be a poor choice for competing 
with other signals, regardless of how well you are receiving other stations.
Is there a nearby aprs station that can listen for your signal?

If I was using a handheld radio that is properly configured, but was not 
being seen on the network, the first thing I would suspect is my signal 
"isn't getting there". I'd try to improve my chances of being heard by 
moving into a better location with respect to the digi I'm trying to 
access. Try your luck from a well elevated location with an unobstructed 
path to the local digi and, if that works, see what you can do to 
improve your home situation.


Ray vk2tv

On 05/01/16 21:13, Ashley Betts wrote:
> Hi All,
>     I have a Yaesu VX-8 handheld that I’m trying to configure to tx my 
> position via APRS. I followed all of the steps in the radios manual 
> and used the frequencies and digi-paths specified on aprs.net.au 
> <http://aprs.net.au> website but yet my station never seems to show up 
> on aprs.fi <http://aprs.fi>. I’m receiving other stations reports on 
> my handheld so I can receive ok. If I push the TX-PO button the radio 
> appears to tx but as I mentioned before, nothing shows up. I have the 
> GPS unit and have it configured to auto report. My calls sign is 
> VK4HSA-9. Can anyone offer any suggestions to resolve this issue?
> Regards,
> Ashley
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