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For some reason, in Perth the nominal voltage is still 240v. And while on that topic, here's the APRS telemetry graphing the voltage at my house :-)


On 18 February 2016 5:01:59 am AWST, vk2tv <vk2tv at exemail.com.au> wrote:
>Matthew, all,
>AS60038, was published in Australia on 23rd January 2000 toreplace the 
>previous 240V standard. This requires, under normal service
>conditions, that thevoltage at the point of supply should not differ 
>from the nominal voltage of 230/400V by more than +10%,-6%.
>Voltage drop within a customer's premises may reduce this by another
>the maximum permissible under AS/NZS 3000, known as the Wiring Rules.
>Essential Energy therefore say that the total variation can be as wide 
>as +10%, -11%. Essential Energy realises that this voltage range may 
>cause issues with 240V equipment and they, therefore, have adopted the 
>range of 230V, +10%, -2%, which aligns very closely with the old 240V 
>standard. When I was the Supply Irregularity Officer with a County 
>Council (not Essential Energy) the standard was 240V, ±6%, or
>I know that other states had different standards at the time, and maybe
>they still do.
>The current Essential Energy "standard" of 230V, +10%, -2%, is within 
>AS60038 requirements, and returns a voltage range of 253V-225V. The 
>AS60038 percentages return 253V-216V.
>During my time in the position of SIO the nominal HV supply was
>and that tap setting was chosen on distribution transformers. Under 
>unloaded network conditions the LV would be at near the top allowable 
>figure of 254V, and network load would reduce that figure.
>Whilst the "nominal" voltage may be 230V according to AS60038, in 
>practice, it appears little (nothing?) has changed since the 240V
>Ray vk2tv
>On 17/02/16 21:30, Malcolm Larkin wrote:
>We haven't had 240V AC in Australia since the 23rd of January 2000. The
>day we dropped to 230V
>It is allowed to be +5% / -10% (241.5 to 207) Previously when 240, it 
>was ± 10% so 264 to 216
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>>>> It's better your iGate sips and not sucks on the 240VAC regardless
>>>> these days o_O
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>>> The planned one is for a place where the power is provided by my
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