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Hi Liz, 

I recall you having issues some time ago with you raspberry pi. I've just recently setup a model B with a TNCPi using aprx (serial mode) and so far it's behaving quite well.  Now I'm not saying that the TNCPi is the solution, but it's fed from the 5v rail on the GPIO and uses the on board serial lines from the GPIO. I've also got connected to the same Rpi a prolific pl2303 usb to serial converter for HF 40m and it's not been 100% reliable for transmit.  I've not had time to debug the HF side of the setup, but this is what I've discovered so far using the Rpi in this roll. 

On 24 March 2015 12:05:45 pm LHDT, Liz <edodd55 at gmail.com> wrote:
>My Rpi stops as and when it feels like - actually there is a race
>problem with the kernel, trying to read the cpu temp every 3 seconds,
>and if it does any real work, it quits in disgust. I was trying to make
>the thing more robust, but it won't even reliably reboot because the SD
>card hasn't been unmounted properly, and hangs on reboot.
>Solution 1
>upgrade to newer kernel
>doesn't boot. Trying to direct it an earlier kernel image also fails
>Solution 2
>use the BeagleBoneBlack
>worked at first, 
>doesn't have ax25 networking built in to the kernel. Tried to rebuild a
>kernel and it fails. Rebooted itself and then wouldn't talk to the
>Solution 3
>find another computer.....
>Try to fix one or both of the embedded items.....
>Anyone got any smart ideas about how to get the BBB using aprx to speak
>to the radio again?
>I've tried with and without KISS mode on the radio
>/dev/ttyUSB0 is there - I can access the radio to set KISS mode
>power on the USB hub doesn't improve things 
>any more ideas?
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