[OZAPRS] KISS TNC and Radio Interface for sale

Joshua Mesilane josh at zindello.com.au
Mon Jun 22 09:58:52 EST 2015

Hi All,

I've moved house recently and VHF/UHF is absolutely useless where I've
moved to and I've also not renewed my license. As such I no longer have any
need for my MFJ-1207B TNC so I'm offering it for sale.

It comes with the main EEPROM reprogrammed for KISS only mode and comes
with a Yaesu radio interface that hooks up to the 8 pin microphone
connector on any Yaesu radio that passes the audio through the microphone
connector. (I had it paired with a Yaesu FT-270R Mobile 2m radio and it
worked well - also for sale). It does not come with a power cable however
uses a fairly standard barrel connector available from Jaycar or the like.

I'm after $50 plus postage for the TNC. Happy to post overseas. This would
be the ideal TNC to use for a new IGate or Digipeater, it never skipped a
beat the entire time I had it running and it ran for well over a year

It's also advertised on vkclassifieds.


josh at zindello.com.au
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