[OZAPRS] Should I claim a record... or does it belong the VK2BEN?

Owen Duffy owen at owenduffy.net
Sun Sep 28 06:44:13 EST 2014

Hi All,

>From the info page on aprs.fi for VK2OMD-9 where it lists the stations
hearing VK2OMD-9 directly:

12,000km of 2m... wow. but if you look at the packet, the time/position
data is all corrupted... probably at the iGate (APRSISCE??? - the self
proclaimed "future of Amateur Radio APRS").

All iGate software is a risk for corruption and logs need to be
monitored to verify correct operation. Some iGates have corruption
problems that are a decade or more old... others seem to work well.


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