[OZAPRS] aprx v2.08*

owen owen at owenduffy.net
Mon Sep 22 08:39:29 EST 2014

Hi Scott,

On 21/09/2014 23:38, Scott Evans wrote:
> Yes running but no radio connected just yet, I'm only setup using the
> tncpi in serial mode. The next step is to setup native ax25 layer and
> see if the pi can handle it (it's also setup with tightvnc with
> icedove filtering email and putting it into folders so my inbox
> doesn't get flooded! I'm demanding a fair bit from its resources!
> Will you push your changes to upstream source, or maybe it's too early
> to say?
That was the plan... but to date, no set of my changes have been
automatically and simply accepted.

In the first case, I spent an hour rebuilding the development directory
to rebase it.

A new set of changes is jammed up again, partly because github seems to
have not closed some earlier commits that were accepted.

This time, I will not waste time on it... my repo is up to date at the
moment, including another commit merged from PhirePhly. Don't bother
rebuilding, the changes will not affect you significantly.

Yes, the stats indicated there was no radio attached... so get on with
it and test it with some real traffic!

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