[OZAPRS] aprx v2.08*

Scott Evans scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org
Sun Sep 21 23:38:12 EST 2014

Yes running but no radio connected just yet, I'm only setup using the tncpi in serial mode. The next step is to setup native ax25 layer and see if the pi can handle it (it's also setup with tightvnc with icedove filtering email and putting it into folders so my inbox doesn't get flooded! I'm demanding a fair bit from its resources! 

Will you push your changes to upstream source, or maybe it's too early to say? 

On 21 September 2014 19:55:32 GMT+10:00, owen <owen at owenduffy.net> wrote:
>On 21/09/2014 18:50, Scott Evans wrote:
>> I've grabbed a copy of the git repo, I've compiled and built the
>> package for RPi. Hopefully I'll get a chance to connect a radio an
>> how things go... ;)
>14580 	VK7HSE-13 <http://aprs.fi/?call=VK7HSE-13>
> 	Yes 	41m 	1m 	aprx 2.08r66a5fe0 	286 	3/0/0
>33516 	327 	0 / 0 	0 	1 	p/VK7/AX7/VI7 e/WXSVR-AU
>Aha, I see you have it running Scott!
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