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Phil Shields shields_phil at yahoo.com.au
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Yes Ron, it is harder than I thought running HF. I have to run it in split VCO. Listening on 14.107.5 and transmitting on 14.107. I use agwpe and uiview. 


On Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 17:14, Ron Lynch <thelynmob at bigpond.com> wrote:

I noticed you were playing around with different 
Icons the other day, in fact you weren't really sure where you wanted to live 
being sometimes in East Albury & the sometimes in Eastern View 

Ron Lynch
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>Hi all, I'm testing a 20mx APRS gateway on 14.107L. My rational is that I  can beam across WA from here in Sth East Australia to assist any travelers in  the WA bush. I have a 3 element beam doing nothing and a rig. I chose 14.107L  because it is relatively quiet, 14.109 is chockers with OLIVIA and any lower I  get into beacons. If anyone in WA could test it out that would be good.
>Cheers Phil VK2CPR-2
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