[OZAPRS] Desert trekking

Ian Bennett ibennett at tpg.com.au
Thu Sep 4 17:29:51 EST 2014

Putting on my OpenTracker hat, they already do this; all my installations use it. Very handy when
The opentrackers also "beacon on power on"; still waiting for that feature to be written into the
TinyTrak 4 when in Smart Beaconing mode (18 months and counting).
Another annoying habit of the TT3 is it will transmit on power on without GPS lock (even though it
was programmed not to). I noticed this on a TT3 buried in a radio borrowed from a mate. No feedback
as to when this will be fixed.
Rant over.


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>> I've always thought it would be nice to have a ?beacon now? button
>> on the TT3, for those times when you want everyone to know where you
>> are right now. Of course, one can always cycle the power and wait a
>> minute for the GPS to lock again.
>> 73 Richard VK2SKY
> I'm going from memory, but didn't some models of the Tinytrack have a 'PTT In' pin on the DE-9, and you could configure it to send off a beacon after the PTT was released? You could connect a push button to ground and a pullup resistor to that, tweak the settings (possibly under MIC-E?) and see how you go.
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