[OZAPRS] UIDIGI 1.9 problem?

Peter VK2MPJ vk2mpj at yahoo.com.au
Thu Oct 16 20:41:55 EST 2014

I am thinking that this maybe the case.  I am thinking a replacement TNC 
programmed up ready to go will be the best option here.
   I think I have access to an EPROM burner, but will keep your offer in 
mind, thanks Scott.



On 16/10/2014 8:01 am, Scott Evans wrote:
> Sounds like the txt file you've been given differs from the actual configuration.  The only way to get around that is a site visit to connect directly to the tnc and reconfigure.  However it's probably best to arrange a new EPROM with the necessary alterations! If you don't have access to an EPROM writer contact me off list and we can arrange one to be written as I've got a little white box here (somewhere) and I can do it for you and mail it to you.

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