[OZAPRS] VK2RCC not working

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Wed Jan 8 07:53:44 EST 2014

Hi Ian,

I had a 6' CB whip in my hand yesterday but I have two concerns with it. 
One is the length, 6' mounted on the roofbar is just too tall for 
comfort - trees and shopping centres, e.g. and it's too rigid. That's 
why I'm investigating a tapered stainless steel whip as the foundation 
for the antenna. It may be practical to use it as the top part of a 
centre (more or less) loaded antenna with the bottom part mounted on a 
spring. I like helically wound whips and a 6' helical is not totally out 
of question, but .......

When I was seriously into mobile HF about 30 years ago I had a selection 
of home-wound helical whips before I embarked on a tapped version with 
an adjustable tuning spike. I still have that antenna (don't know what 
happened to the others) but there aren't any mounting options on the 
Hyundai. Nudge bar is out because of the aluminium kayak(s) mounting 
frame and, rear "bumper" mounting is not on because of the rearward 
projection of the hatchback when it opens.

Ray vk2tv

On 07/01/14 20:42, Ian Bennett wrote:
> Hi Ray,
> 	Thought of you as we were traveling through.
> 	A 6ft whip wound using the recipe I found should be fine. A mate (Steve; VK2ZSZ) wound one for his
> father-in-law tuned to the VKS-737 8MHz freq and it worked a treat, so I reckon one on 30m would be
> a hoot.
> 	I'll send you the details off list.
> 	You still owe me a tour of the "tank" ;-)
> Ian
> On 07/01/14 19:02, Ray Wells wrote:
>> Hi Ian,
>> Saw you pass through Kempsey yesterday. I'm in town these days and not on the property.
>> I have a bit of a problem with HF antennas on the Hyundai. A bullbar mount is not possible due to a
>> ladder style rack mounted on the nudge bar to support the kayaks and the body shape doesn't lend
>> itself to body mounting. I have to be content with a roofbar mount and that limits the 30m whip to
>> about 4-5ft stainless steel unit that's bottom loaded. I'm working on a 2m 5/8 whip and replacing
>> the coil with whatever is need for resonance.
>> Regards,
>> Ray vk2tv

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