[OZAPRS] VK2RCC not working

Robert rbaker at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 6 18:39:49 EST 2014

May I ask, WHY, if one digi stops working, the world is going to stop. The
guys that spend, take the time to put these digi in work hard to keep them
working, as I am one of these guys, it a huge area. And yep, if you all went
to HF, would be great for us, but trust me, the HF air waves would be
saturated, and stop working.

HF works great in the outback, lived in NT for over 10 years, but closer to
the eastern sea board, VHF is the go, but it not easy fix, there are big
areas, and travel time, nothing like the Metro areas, just remember that.



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Hi Liz......there is a local guy here in Townsville who does a lot of 4WD
tripping and carries a HF APRS system.
you could try and contact him on    vk4mdx at wia.org.au
im sure David will give you all the help he can

David VK4BDJ

On 06/01/14 16:43, Liz wrote:
> On Mon, 06 Jan 2014 12:55:20 +1100
> Ray Wells <vk2tv at exemail.com.au> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> Thanks for your input.
>> Please understand I was not being critical, I really do understand 
>> the problems that distance can create, and gear does go down. My one 
>> regret is that I was unable to experience "normal" vhf aprs coverage 
>> in that part of the state because I think it would have been even 
>> more impressive than it already was.
>> Regards,
>> Ray vk2tv
> I agree with Ray. APRS coverage on VHF is improving, but the more 
> sites we have, the more times we will have breakdowns.
> I, too, "need" HF APRS for some places I go which are out of reach of 
> all VHF repeaters, the mobile telephone systems etc.
> If I went the 30 metre route
> what antenna? (mounting it is problem number 1) and what gear?
> Liz
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