[OZAPRS] Simpson Desert APRS via ISS

Nik Presser nikp007 at bigpond.com
Thu Apr 24 23:16:57 EST 2014

G’day Andrew, 

Just had a bit of a look at your track. 

What are the roads around Birdsville like right now? I’m heading there in a few weeks time via the Flinders Ranges. I think the Digi at VK5RAE (Mt Arden) runs out at Leigh Creek. Michael VK5MW (ex VK5ARD) used to run a Digi at Roxby Downs but I think it’s long gone now. 

As for Alice Springs, I thought a while ago that there was an ex-VK2 that moved to Alice Springs and set up a repeater (or two) and an APRS Digi. But, CRAFT has set in this way and can’t recall what happened. I’ve done a search and can’t see any Digi activity for a while. 


Nik Presser

From: Andrew Gilbett 
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:49 PM
To: Australian APRS Users 
Subject: [OZAPRS] Simpson Desert APRS via ISS

Hi guys,

Just arrived in Alice springs, I have an interesting track across the Simpson desert via the ISS.

I did notice that I havent been received for two days I think that is due to the battery voltage dropping overnight due to the fridge running and in turn the transmitter runs out of puff... (that is on the second battery). 

Whilst I am running around Alice is there a local digi here? is it worth adjusting the frequency of the radio?

Thanks :-)


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