[OZAPRS] DC connectors

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Apr 18 09:15:35 EST 2014

Ah yes! The magic smoke accompanied by the sinking feeling it causes as 
one sees dollar signs etched on the eyeballs.

This is way OT but you're more likely to see the magic smoke from 
driving high power speakers with a low power amp than lower power 
speakers and a high power amp because the former is more likely to 
flat-top and put DC on the speakers.

In my case the magic smoke came courtesy of 35V appearing across the 
speaker when the amp module failed.

Ray vk2tv

On 18/04/14 09:00, Shaun wrote:
> I had an earlier home brewed model that went to DC when I failed at an 
> attempt to bridge 4 channels of an amplifier together.  Then the smoke 
> came out of the speakers.  :-(
> From memory this one is probably 33hz for -3db and 20 something hz for 
> -10db.
> Unlike true Doof Doof boxed, mine is linear in its response, so no 
> nasty booming, just lots off bass!
> Shaun

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