[OZAPRS] VK3ROW failure

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Afternoon All,


The latest I’ve heard, indicates that a meeting has been held on-site with the Emergency Service Organisations impacted on-site. I can’t confirm any other users apart from Colac-Otway Shire (site owners). A temporary solution has been proposed to get the ESO’s back on air with a monopole to be installed to replace the guyed mast.







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Hi Nik,


I have it on good authority that the tower is on the ground due to an issue with a guy wire. The same source indicated that the site “issue” has been communicated to all users Friday afternoon and one can assume that most services from the site will be off-air for some time.


I’ll keep my shell-likes tuned for further and pass on any news.







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G’day all on the OzAPRS list, 


I saw an alert elsewhere yesterday that the SES UHF repeater at Beech Forrest had failed due to damage/failure of some sort. It now looks like the VK3ROW 2m repeater and APRS digipeater have failed also. The last lot of telemetry that came out of the APRS digipeater was about this time yesterday. 


Given that the 2m repeater utilisation is very low, I’ll wait a week or two before doing anything further about it. I suspect it’s an issue with the external structure this time – but we’ll wait and see. The APRS 2m digi & 2m repeater share the same power system. 


I’ll post further updates here. 




Nik Presser


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