[OZAPRS] Tracking solar balloon

Andy Nguyen an at comms.net.au
Sat Oct 5 15:45:44 EST 2013

Hi all,

We released a little PICO balloon earlier today, to test our solar powered payload.
If you have access to tracking equipment (UHF radio with SSB and computer running fldigi) and are around the predicted path, please listen out on 434.650Mhz USB, 100baud RTTY ASCII 8,none,1 to help with the tracking. We would love to hear just audio report from anyone that can receive the signal.

It is being tracked on http://spacenear.us as PSB

The telemetry sequence is a series of beeps every 40 seconds apart, and 2 RTTY position reports after the 4th beep.

This is the current prediction. Last known position was 2.3km over Clayton Victoria. Payload will shutdown after dark. Frequency will drift slightly with temperature change.



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