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Steven Booker stevenlbooker at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 15:38:42 EST 2013

Not having any experience with the establishment of repeaters / digis, I
imagine the hardest part is finding a suitable location at no cost / the
right price.

I assume there are 2 ways this is done: you know a building manager or
owner or you pay someone to allow you to install some gear on a building or
commercial radio tower.

I don't know any building owners or managers and imagine that people more
networked in that group would have more chance of finding something like

But does anyone here have any rough idea of how much it would actually cost
to pay a commercial site (building top or tower) to host a digi? Just
looking for a rough idea to see whether it is reasonable or completely out
of the question. I'm happy to research it but reckon that someone on this
list may have a rough idea.


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