[OZAPRS] New iGate for Childers/Gin Gin area

Peter Schrader lists at rumpleteazer.net
Tue Jun 11 22:06:34 EST 2013


I am helping a ham to get an iGate going for his property located 
between Childers and Gin Gin.  He owns a light aircraft fitted with a 
tracker and noticed his positions were not getting gated when in the 
vicinity.  So I volunteered to help him put together a Raspberry TNC-PI 
setup.  It is on test at the moment in the Brisbane area using 439.100 
MHz (VK4EA-2 off-air until it's sorted).

I have set it up to only reverse gate messages and objects within 250 
kms, and limited set of objects being mainly repeater objects (frequency 
identification for mobile operators).   it's transmit rate is less than 
7 per minute.   It will gate all objects, positions, messages received 
to the APRS-IS.

I am thinking it will help fill the hole between Gympie and Gladstone 
for the Bruce Highway travellers.

Callsign is VK4OI-1, if there are no objections it will be installed 
with the next couple of weeks.


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