Liz edodd at billiau.net
Tue Jun 11 20:21:36 EST 2013

On Tue, 11 Jun 2013 19:46:17 +0930
"Tony Hunt" <wavetel at internode.on.net> wrote:

> Liz,
> Take a look at pibang for the Pi http://pibanglinux.org/  . This runs 
> Openbox Wm which pretty lightweight. You can install Xastir (recent
> compile) straight off the software  manager and it runs Open street
> maps reasonably well if you dont go crazy enabling too many maps.
> Theres a heap of software in the repos and I wouldnt be suprised if
> APRX is in there or likely it would be easy enough to get going.
> Thats probably a simple path to try out and its based on Raspian with
> some differences listed here http://pibanglinux.org/notes.html
> Enjoy
> Tony  Hunt VK5AH

thanks all, including tony
I'm not concerned about the difficulty of installing the OS or packages
- just I choose *not* to use Arch or Gentoo preferring Debian so
  everything in my house runs on the same basic system

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