Kim, VK5FJ vk5fj at hawtin.net.au
Tue Jun 11 14:50:27 EST 2013

On 10/06/13 18:57, Liz wrote:
> I have just acquired a R-Pi and am thinking of replacing the eeepc
> which is the car computer for radio with the Pi.
> The eeepc runs xastir and operates as a mobile iGate - usually on a
> long drive, not everytime the car gets used
> After a long drive
> the following are my thoughts
> Debian on the Pi

the most practical image i've seen is still the default wheezy image.
all the debian repos at your disposal =)

> Pi connected to D710
>   each time the D710 restarts (serial adapter seen again on USB bus)
>   send the commands to return it to KISS mode
> use KISS and AX25
> then can run either xastir or aprx dependent on need (remember I live
> on the edge of the aprs universe)
> optional screen / keypad or touch screen??
> some bluetooth dongle to allow control of the Car-Pi with an Android
> phone
> anyone set up anything like this??

I've started on s omething similar. Be careful with your choice of LCDs, 
my old one radiates nasty hash all over the place...

I used a HappyHacker keyboard, its a nice small form factor, touch 
screens are good too. Mice are a waste of time, IMHO. If you are 
familiar with trackballs, you might like to give that a go too. Also 
have a look at the USB num keypads. I am looking for something with 
proper keys in this format;
Or a smaller form factor again;

I've used these for presentations;
They seem to come in bluetooth and wifi variants *and* they just work 
with Linux =)

Make sure you use a stiff regulated supply for the R-Pi, mine was a bit 
temperamental until discovered the PSU was dropping under 5volts when 
hammering USB storage and the network at the same time...



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