[OZAPRS] problem in Adelaide

Mark Jessop lenniethelemming at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 14:14:04 EST 2013

I've just been up at Teringie, and have taken some samples of the 
offending signal.
It's about 100ms long, and repeats every 1.3 seconds. From what I can 
tell, it's only transmitting the preamble, no data.

A SDR waterfall shot, showing the signal along with normal APRS traffic, 
is here: http://i.imgur.com/Mb6bc7C.jpg

Next time I'll bring a Yagi and my R10 and get a bearing.

Mark VK5QI

On 24/07/13 10:15 AM, Andrew Macmichael wrote:
> Matthew and others,
> I have forwarded a copy of your email to members of WICEN SA for their 
> information and hopefully they can assist you.
> I would suggest other amateur radio clubs might be able to let their 
> members know of the issue and thus have more people listening.
> Andrew Macmichael
> Secretary WICEN SA
> secretary at sa.wicen.org.au
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