[OZAPRS] problem in Adelaide

Matthew Cook vk5zm at bistre.net
Wed Jul 24 10:14:10 EST 2013

Howdy All,

Well after a bit of collaboration and some sleuthing the APRS station in
Adelaide that is running amok has been narrowed down a little bit, right
now we know the following;

   - The signal originates in the Northern Suburbs
   - Strongest signal report to date from this general region (
   - The signal is over deviated, approx +/-10kHz so it cannot be reliably
   - The signal comes and goes at various times of the day, it is not there
   100% of the time

Anyway there are a number of people looking into the problem.  We suspect
that the issue is an unattended fill-in digi or home APRS station that has
gone spurious, either that or a pirate that thinks this is funny.

I've received a number of reports from various Amateurs over the past few
days and have started collecting and piecing together enough information to
at least start looking.

I'd ask any Adelaide based hams that live out in the Northern or Western
Suburbs to take a listen to the signal strength and report any findings to
me either via VK5RSB during drive time (8-9am & 5-6pm) or email.

If you listen to the audio on the channel along side a TNC or sound card
modem, any strong, mediochre or weak carrier that is not demodulated is the
signal we want to receive reports from.  Otherwise if you have an SDR then
any signal that you see spilling out over the 25kHz channel bandwidth
(trust me it's wide!) is the suspect we're after.  Just something as simple
as signal reports from various locations will help us get into the right
area with beams and dopplers etc.  With the other traffic on channel,
isolating and tracking the right signal is not easy, but it isn't
impossible either.

I think this weekend the foxhunting gear will get put on the car and some
fun will be had trying to tracking this signal down.




On 9 July 2013 17:02, Paul Mullins <pmullins at adam.com.au> wrote:

> Hi there all,
> been a long time from my last post.
> I would like to inform the operators and people looking after digi-peaters
> and any transmitting gear in the Adelaide area, we have a device
> transmitting and then resetting, then powering up and transmitting, and
> keeps doing this.
> Just asking as I have been repairing a local digipeater and listening have
> heard this all day today.
> cheers all
> Paul
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