[OZAPRS] Low/no GPS signals

vk3api at tonola.com.au vk3api at tonola.com.au
Wed Jan 9 15:24:19 EST 2013

Hi All,
It may have been some form of smoky/cloudy anomaly. One of the users who 
comes in through vk3api-13 onto the network (VK3EKG-9) with a consistent 
track every Thursday was jumping about all over the place this morning. 
Position reports were way off at times.

For the last three or four years he has travelled the same path with the 
same equipment and  precise position reports.

Regards Tony VK3API

On 9/01/2013 8:00 AM, Nik Presser wrote:
> G'day all on the APRS list,
> Is anyone having trouble hearing a GPS satellite this morning?? I've 
> got two GPS receivers (one with active ext antenna) and I haven't 
> heard a thing this morning, since leaving Anakie to Geelong this 
> morning, at approx 7am to thus far. One of them, a Garmin GPS60CS 
> (with ext ant) had a RX fail alarm on it when I jumped in this morning 
> and despite multiple resets of both systems, I still can't hear 
> anything. I note too that the APRS system was very quiet down our way 
> this morning too. The sky was overcast but no rain or heavy smoke.
> Anyone having the same issue?
> Cheers,
> Nik Presser
> Anakie
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