[OZAPRS] Problem with rotate.aprs.net.au address?

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Mon Jan 7 20:02:10 EST 2013

Sorry folks I messed up the subject thread of this one before so Ive 
attempted to get it right again.

Ive just tried using aunz.aprs2.net and I found that it actually logged me 
into third.aprs.net.au at this time. You can see the status page as quoted 
previously http://third.aprs.net.au:14501/ .Third is actually vk7hse 
t2tas at aprs2.net

I just saw you before Grant logged in with vk5gr-1 with cumulus 1.9.2 on 

I dont know exactly what uanz.aprs2.net is but it appears to be similar to 
rotate.aprs.net.au in that if you do a nameserver lookup you get 5 separate 
possible IPs that resolve

Name:    aunz.aprs2.net
which is
T2QLD VK4FQ , T2APRSNZ ZL2TZE , third.aprs.net.au, first.aprs.net.nz, 

The same lookup on rotate.aprs.net.au gives you
Name:    rotate.aprs.net.au
which is second.aprs.net.au and third.aprs.net.au

You will see some commonality between these first 2

A Lookup of  Name:    rotate.aprs.net.nz reveals
Address:   which seems to be the same as aprs.net.nz

Clearly theres a lot more more options open to users of aunz.aprs2.net but 
its no guarantee it would get you around a bottleneck between VK or ZL and 
aprs.fi servers. Using aunz.aprs2.net would open up a heap more variables. 
The different ISPs used by different server operators all have different 
routes out of vk/zl . But perhaps its really up to the routes between the 
Tier 2 servers and aprs.fi . If it is packet loss on the international 
routes then it would need a bit of homework to find just where.

Tony Hunt VK5AH  wavetel at internode.on.net

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> Grant,
> Your assuming that the connection is good between aprs.fi and the 
> Australian
> servers. Its not. Its a proven fact that theres packet loss at times 
> between
> our part of the world and servers like aprs.fi and findu.com . Ive seen
> hours go by in times past where the track of a vehical is just missing on
> findu and aprs.fi although it was gated properly to the net and also seen 
> by
> others logged into the same server via the net. It appears there are times
> that the international connections (offshore) get pretty flakey. Thats ok 
> if
> your surfing the net because your browser or email just takes a bit longer
> on that route until it resolves but with the aprs servers the packet is 
> lost
> and then its just lost and if you want to see if the server got it then it
> just didnt get there because you guessed it, it was lost.
> We have previously had discussions about having regionalised mirrors for
> things like findu and aprs.fi as these servers basically cop the full
> international load. The chances of seeing any locally based 
> mirrors/servers
> appear soon does not seem like its going to happen.
> If your still not 100% sure the problem is not at your end then try 
> setting
> up a different machine to monitor the situation. If you can organise a
> independant 3G connection on a laptop to monitor it then great. Try 
> logging
> the laptop into the same server as your wx station and see if you loose 
> any
> data at the same time as you find lost data on aprs.fi happening. You 
> could
> also log the laptop into a different server and see the efffect.
> try these . You will find that first and second are one of the same. Where
> first/second is currently feeding the Tier2 system via T2HUB4
>  and third is feeding via T2HUB1
> You could try the ZL servers as well first.aprs.net.nz as they may take
> different routes to get to aprs.fi via Hawaii to LA perhaps. Many of our
> routes leave Australia via Singapore Japan and Asia.
> http://first.aprs.net.au:14501/
> http://second.aprs.net.au:14501/
> http://third.aprs.net.au:14501/
> http://first.aprs.net.nz:14501/
> http://second.aprs.net.nz:14501/
> Tony Hunt VK5AH wavetel at internode.on.net

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