[OZAPRS] Problem with rotate.aprs.net.au address?

Damien Gardner Jnr vk2tdg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 15:29:11 EST 2013

On 5/01/2013 5:26 PM, Liz wrote:
> http://lists.aprs.net.au/pipermail/ozaprs/2012-September/011668.html
> yes, you need to update your server config.

That really won't make any difference... :)


rotate.aprs.net.au.     60      IN      A
rotate.aprs.net.au.     60      IN      A

Ok, both .au servers.  That's second.aprs and third.aprs

the aprs2 address:

aunz.aprs2.net.         3600    IN      A
aunz.aprs2.net.         3600    IN      A
aunz.aprs2.net.         3600    IN      A
aunz.aprs2.net.         3600    IN      A
aunz.aprs2.net.         3600    IN      A

That's second.aprs, third.aprs. some unknown AU server, and two unknown 
NZ servers (one of which used to be third.aprs.net.au).

So any problem with one of those servers will still exist, just that 
you'll hit the issue one in five connects, rather than one in two connects..

Grant: try manually specifying third.aprs.net.au and see how you go - it 
may be that there's an issue on that server?
If third.aprs.net.au plays up, try that address - That 
runs the same software as third - That'll pin down an issue with the 
Also, try - that runs the same software as second..

I have a theory that it's an issue with APRSC?  Will be interesting to 
see! :)

BTW, for 'reliable' packet tracing, ignore aprs.fi, use the dump from 
hamtrack...  http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/stationdump.php

In your case Grant, you want 
http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/stationdump.php?stationid=46314 :)

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