[OZAPRS] Changes to 'first.aprs.net.au'

Geoff Gatward geoff-lists at gatwards.org
Sun Sep 9 12:59:25 EST 2012


I am de-commissioning the APRS-IS server that has been running for a number
of years as 'first.aprs.net.au'.
I'm also stepping back from APRS in general to concentrate on some other
aspects of AR :-)

'first.aprs.net.au' now redirects to the 'aunz.aprs2.net' URL, which is the
AU/NZ 'rotate' address for ALL of the available servers in our region.
Since all servers are configured with the same port assignments, you should
not notice much difference if you are still using 'first' to connect.

I would suggest that now is a very good time to check your configurations
as far as APRS-IS uplinks go - you should be using port 14580 and
specifying your desired traffic using the available filters, and perhaps
migrating off the *.aprs.net.au URL's onto the *.aprs2.net URL's. (ALL of
the aprs.net.au servers are members of the APRS Tier2 cloud)

'second.aprs.net.au' will be remaining, however I am handing over the
maintenance of this server to Scott VK7HSE.

I will still be around on APRS and looking after the WXSVR-AU system.

Cheers for now
de Geoff  VK2XJG / VK8GG
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