Paul Mullins pmullins at adam.com.au
Sun Feb 3 11:43:54 EST 2013

Currently I have installed a digi fill-in at the clubs web site, the first
radio was a Tait T375 / T377 of which it worked really well, that is until
it had a direct lightning strike,  well lucky me it toasted it, and it's my
own radio not the clubs, the club could not give a rats ass, so I shoved a
spare digi up the tower using a FM900 and the old TNC2, works fine.

Now why I asked is I am about to pull the digi making a hole in the Adelaide
northern area coverage, in fact I am that upset the radio, my own, might get
dropped down the 78 meters with a sudden stop. IE the club I am in is
useless and I do not want to be a part of them in any shape or form, even
thou I am the clubs secretary, with no body even wanting to listen to any
good ideas, all my personally funded projects are getting removed, sold /
giveaway / thrown in the bin these include APRS gear and even a newly
finished 1.2GHz repeater of which the club does not want to pay for the
antenna, all I asked.

O well welcome to the black hole of SA and may all the APRS packets not be
received north of Adelaide.


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