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Hi Paul,

As you mention managing traffic load on a single frequency system is quite
The VK3 network is configured using the following principles;

The use of multiply receive only IGates allows users to keep their RF
transmission paths short, typically a radius of two digi's allows the locals
to see you are on-air and have you signal received by the local RX only

Appropriately placed TX IGate(s) allows the system administrators to manage
the traffic load to allow for maximum bandwidth.

To achieve this it requires all users of APRS to work within the guides
lines thus allowing all users the best chance to have their signal heard on
RF and passed to the local/nearest IGate.

Of course as this is only a hobby we rely on the good will of people to run
& maintain the Digis and IGates this often means compromises must be made to
the ideal arrangement.


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> Hi there all,
> Its been a while from my last post, I have an idea. I have no idea if this
> has been implemented anywhere in the world but this idea could be done.
> I have been thinking about the way that the APRS network works, now I
> be wrong with fully understanding the network but this is my idea.
> All the sites are Receive getting data from the mobiles and passing it on
> a main internet link as per normal and the remote sites passing the
> information as per normal.
> The main difference is with a single area transmitter what gathers data
> what is coming from the internet is transmitted from a single site.
> Of course as you move away from possible single site receiving maybe
> site could pick up the slack with another internet to RF gateway, there
> might be another way of doing it, this I feel could reduce the traffic by
> 25% - 33%.
> Cheers and 73s'
> Paul
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