[OZAPRS] APRS in Rmote region outside of APRS RF coverage.

David Uzzell david at uzzell.com.au
Sun Oct 14 08:13:57 EST 2012


I have a dilema that I am sure someone here has looked at or even solved.

Being the fact that I live out South Western Qld being Roma and the 
current nearest iGate is Dalby some 4 hours away and no where near RF 
coverage, I will be putting up a Digi on the hill and an iGate so I will 
have local RF coverage but outside that I won't which is a pain.

So the outcome of this is I have TT4 that will be in the ute connected 
to a radio for RF but what I would like to find out is GPRS backup so  
that it can inject directly into the APRS-IS when there is no RF 
coverage, I would like it automatic but not going to get into that to 
much until after I can at least get it working on a manual basis.

So has anyone done or seen this done from a TT4 into a GPRS modem to 
inject into APRS-IS or know of a way to make it happen?

David Uzzell

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