[OZAPRS] Adelaide IGate Output Rules

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Tue Aug 14 15:45:24 EST 2012


By definition all Igates are supposed to Gate messages to RF for local 
stations. In Adelaide this is the case with both Igates.
The Igates do this by keeping a list of Local (RF) heard stations. So if 
your trying to send a message to Matt 5ZM-9 on his D700 in the car it will 
get gated out to RF provided he has been heard recently. Tyopically recently 
means 30mins or less.

Thats basically how it works without getting into deeper discussions. It 
also does not matter if your logged into a server in EU with your Android or 
whatever client. The Tier2 servers share traffic in this case across with 
the vk/zl servers.
It may be easier however if you use a server login from VK/ZL while your 
over in EU.
Might I sugest rotate.aprs.au as your server of choice.

Regards Tony VK5AH on the road in VK2

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> Hi,
> How do the Adelaide IGates filter messages from APRS-IS to RF? Is it
> callsign based, or location based?
> I'm going to be in the UK for a few weeks, I'm wondering if my APRS
> messages will get gated out here (which would be awesome)!
> 73s
> Mark VK5QI
> ************************************* 

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