[OZAPRS] Project Horus planning high altitude balloon launch for April 15th with APRS and FM Voice

Grant VK5GR vk5gr at bigpond.com
Fri Apr 6 23:10:23 EST 2012



Here is a preliminary heads up, the Project Horus group in South Australia
are planning on launching a balloon during the WIA Field Days event on
Sunday April 15th. Lift-off is planned for sometime just after the WIA
broadcast (say around 10.30-11.00am ACST).


Horus 23 is planned to be a combined FM Voice repeater and APRS flight -
using the new club callsign VK5ARG-11 on APRS. The FM voice repeater will be
a 70cm uplink / 2m downlink crossband system, like the one we flew on Horus
9. The frequencies for the voice system will be confirmed and released
shortly. (Just checking some intermod/desense stuff first). The usual
300baud RTTY telemetry payload will also fly (434.650 at this stage will be
the beacon channel).


Plans at this stage these are still subject to the weather. With this
payload, we will only release the balloon if it is going to safely land in
the Mallee east of Adelaide, so looking from this far out, it is possible
that  the mission could be scrubbed. Having said that, we are quietly
confident, and are commencing launch preparations on the assumption we will
get to fly.


When at apogee, at 20-50W 70cm uplink should be able to access the repeater
from up to 800km away from the balloon so contacts across a large portion of
central SE Australia should be possible. The 2m downlink should be easily


For more information about Project Horus, check out the groups website
http://www.projecthorus.org/ or the group's Vimeo TV Channel



Grant VK5GR

For Project Horus



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