[OZAPRS] Attention! All ISS ground stations and monitors.

Paul Mullins pmullins at adam.com.au
Sat Nov 12 10:54:05 EST 2011

I would of liked to been on the receiving side for the data , its all easy
down here, automatic in fact.

Not being nasty but I was starting to thing that they did not know how to
turn the radio on, lol.


Been a long time since the repeater been on, and APRS is good fun to play


Cheers all


One satellite / eme nut






Your mileage may vary

Batteries no included

Some assembly required

Professional driver, closed course

Void where prohibited

Do not dispose of in fire

Taxes, titles, license fees extra

10 M band openings longer than 2 hours, require immediate medical attention



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Greetings to all,
Normal operations are to be suspended.
The ISS uplink frequency will be changed for the next two days.
The downlink frequency is the same, 145.825 MHz FM
A beacon is going to be broadcast every few seconds from the ISS during this

Only the assigned master ground stations are permitted to transmit to the
ISS during this period.

Master stations in all countries should have all received instructions from
You have your time tables for your transmission periods.

I desparately need all Australian and New Zealand stations RX logs for the
ISS for the next two days.

SpEx Shadow experiment will be conducted during the following times,

Experiment Times UTC

12 of November UTC. 
8.55 - 9.02
10.29 - 10.39
12.06 - 12.15

13 of November UTC.
9.30 - 8.41
11.06 - 11.16

For Australian Ground Monitor Stations in AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight
saving Time)
AEDT applies to Victoria, Tasmania, N.S.W.

12 of November AEDT. 
7.55pm - 8.02pm
9.29pm - 9.39pm
11.06pm - 11.15pm

13 of November AEDT.
8.30pm - 8.41pm
10.06pm - 10.16pm

Other Australian Time Zones.

South Australia is on ACDT (Australian Central Daylight saving Time)
South Australian stations need to subtract 30 minutes from the AEDT times

Queensland is on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Queensland stations need to Subtract ONE HOUR from the AEDT times above.

Nothern Territory is on ACST (Australian Central Standard Time)
Nothern Territory stations need to subtract ONE HOUR and THIRTY MINUTES from
the AEDT times above.

Western Australia (Western Central Time (Eucla Time Zone))
Eucla Time Zone stations need to subtract TWO HOURS and FIFTEEN MINUTES from
the AEDT times above.

Western Australia is on AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)
Western Australian Stations need to subtract THREE HOURS from the AEDT times

Other surrounding countries.

New Caledonia

Same as AEDT
Stations in New Caledonia use the same as AEDT times above.

New Zealand Times

New Zealand Stations need to add TWO HOURS to the AEDT times above.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea staions need to subtract ONE HOUR from the AEDT times

If you are unawares of this experiment, please see this old page for a
fairly quick understanding 
of what this is all about. The links are old and need updating, but the gist
of the story is still the same.
The page above mentions the old frequency 145.800, 
the current receive frequency for ISS is 145.825.

The new links for the project are as follows.



You don't have to be an amateur radio operator.
Anyone that has the capability to receive and decode the Space Stations
packet radio signals can do this.

The links to download the receiving softwares,
AGW packet engine.

UISS space communications software.

Spacecraft tracking software is not required, 
but is nice to have just to see where they are.
There are many. I use David Taylors WxTrack.

The project is to study the effects of the use of plasma engines in near
Earth proximity.
These are the new generation of spacecraft propulsion.
It is my hope that this technology keeps advancing
to the point where we will need to hire some Scotty's and Captain Kirk's.

All the best,
Kevin, VK3KUF. 

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