[OZAPRS] Compiling aprsd

Damien Gardner Jnr vk2tdg at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 00:35:16 EST 2011

On 11/06/2011, at 10:26 PM, Peter Illmayer wrote:
> Finding a lot of the APRS information on google is over 4 years old...hence my posting on the list.  Trying to understand what aprs i-gate software is being used for linux.  I've managed to find aprsd-2.2.5-15, is that the current one to use ?  I've had a look on sourceforge cvs and the stuff is way old.
> Had a go at compiling this version, debugged a few failures(thanks to Hamish Moffat's google postings)  but now stuck on a compile failure.  Can it be that hard :-)  Do I have the right version ?


apt-get install aprsd


Seriously though, last time I compiled it (granted, quite a few years ago), I didn't have any hassles..  Debian 6's package is of 2.2.5-13, so 2.2.5-15 should compile on any relatively recent distro.. 

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