Phillip zl2tze at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jul 2 22:03:14 EST 2011

Hi Kevin 

It;s sad to see your Email 

This  group is here to foster, guide and help those with problems and point
out how to correct them.. 
Granted some of the comments are a bit over the top but are they really that
bad and it is a self 
policing hobby we are in .. 
If the Net station is off Frequency and these frequencies are published on
many websites around the world 
its pointless everyone netting to an incorrect frequency, granted if
everyone did net to it, it would solve one 
problem but make another. 
Space within some bands is getting very tight and APRS has been given its
slice along with many other modes.. 
Just listen around the given HF APRS freqs and you will here other data
modes climbing over APRS stations.. 
If we all kept to our published Freqs we may be able to over come this . 
It would be good to have your SCS DSP Station running and I am sure everyone
here would welcome it on air.. 
73 Phillip 
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From: Kevin 
Date: 2/07/2011 23:37:12 
To: Australian APRS Users 
Subject: Re: [OZAPRS] QRG drift HF APRS 
Hi all, 
All this hot air about relative frequencies I just wonder just how many 
of you have the means of calibrating your receiver?? I seem to remember 
that was a mandatory requirement of the regs or has that been relaxed as 
How do you all calibrate those wonderful waterfall displays that many 
keep referring to? or is it a case of the blind leading the blind. After 
all you are relying on the software writer to have his maths correct. 
On the SCS DSP trackers I have one here and they certainly are worth the 
investment but with the packet police out and about it remains like all 
my APRS gear switched off and with discussions like this it will likely 
remain that way for a long time to come 
Enjoy what you have 
Kevin VK4SP 

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