[OZAPRS] Gateway Closure

Peter Mudie peter at mudiefamily.org
Fri Aug 12 00:27:58 EST 2011

Hi Ray,

Sounds like a sea change.

Keep the call sign current even if you do not actively use it for a 
bit, im sure you will come back to it in the future years.


At 15:39 10/08/2011, you wrote:
>Thank you one and all for the kind comments.
>The reason I'm closing the gateway system is that I may be moving 
>from here in a very short space of time and I will have no 
>facilities for antennas once I move. My health is ok, it's just an 
>inevitable move.
>Ian, I will be hanging on to the TS430 and a 2m rig for "just in 
>case". My licence is up for renewal in May and I will evaluate my 
>situation when that draws closer.
>FYI, I was licenced in 1969 as VK2ZSX. I did the morse in 1978 and 
>became VK2BVO. The change to VK2TV was in 1983. The call previously 
>belonged to a fellow member of the Central Coast ARC. I knew that 
>Wilf's family were not interested in AR and they sanctioned the 
>release of the callsign to me.
>My time in AR has been quite busy. I held various positions in the 
>Central Coast ARC including president, newsletter editor and field 
>day chairman. I was actively involved in their repeater committee, 
>the acquisition of the Somersby repeater site, construction of the 
>building and installation and maintenance of the repeater equipment. 
>I was the CC WICEN coordinator for 20 years. Following my move to 
>Kempsey in 1994 I was responsible for the construction and 
>installation of VK2RMY on Mt Yarrahpinni. I built and installed the 
>local UHF CB repeater and built and installed VK2RMC at that site. I 
>ran a BBS for 13.5 years. It finished up with 6 radio ports. The 
>aprs gateway has been running for about 4 years.
>AR is not out of my blood but I have other priorities that will take 
>precedence for a while, at least. I'd like to spend a lot more time 
>restoring vinyl recordings and digitising them and I'm going back 
>fishing after a 16 year break.
>I've been a volunteer for the last 36 years and mostly for at least 
>two organsations simultaneously. I've just resigned from all 
>committee positions (president, newsletter editor and technician) at 
>the local community radio station, having been on-call 24/7 for the 
>last 15 years. For a while at least, I'm going to do a few things for me.
>So there you have it, no sour grapes, just climbing a different tree 
>for a while.
>Ray vk2tv
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