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Sat Mar 20 08:49:14 EST 2010

It can be set via the serial port, or when connected to the Digi and logged
in as SYSOP the time can be set.


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Hi there all I have a question regarding a digi that is going to be setup
very shortly in the VK5 area to fill in a black spot.

Using the config for the unit, I have maybe one concern.

The clock, if using a TT4 the time stamp is taken from the gps, now with a
TNC2 MFJ 1270b how do you 'set' the clock, I know there is a clock command
Ie clock 12 40 00 would set it.

Can you program the time via locally? Or is it a remote over there air
command only?

I need to know this as the person that is going to be setting it up will
need the info.



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